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Website Tracking and Monitoring

Keep a keen eye on your website  

Website tracking and monitoring is important heading down to the roots of the website's performance in the online marketing and various activities performed by users that belong to different demographic locations, their gender and the time spent by them in your website. These things needs to be taken care of and noted down as they help in reducing the bounce rate of the website and making it  more user friendly and optimising it for the user, increases at face value and image of brands around the internet.

How do We analyse performance of a website ?

This is done with the help of a tool by Google, Google Analytics  helps us in doing analysis of a website tracking, user's behaviour in a website their activities and the time spent by them on the website. Data analysis, that is attracting lots of people these days. Its the field of digital marketing that makes the full use of Google Analytics and is reading the futuristic aspects of any user behaviour of websites authority in a particular region or choice and preferences by user towards a particular actionable CTAs in websites when seen from a user's eye.

Although it mainly concerns about that Google Analytics but we do not ignore the second most important tool by Google that is Google Webmaster or Search Console through which we check the various errors in a website, if it's been hacked, if all pages are indexed or crawled by the Google, how a website is performing in mobile devices and the keyword positioning of a website in the major search engine Google.