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 Search engine marketing or PPC

Hire Google for its productivity.

What we learn at digital marketing Institute Indore is all about Google AdWords, Adwords of Google where we run our ads. We are made aware of the basic introduction of Google AdWords, it's workings, how to run ads and the various networks that are present in Google Ads (Google Adwords)which we have to keep in mind before running the ads. 

A digital marketer that does his digital marketing course from the best digital marketing institute in Indore is made aware of the various placements where the ads can be seen on Google, various terminologies that are used in Google Ads (Google Adwords)for example ad auction, ad positioning, ad ranking factors and about the Google AdWords, account structure etc. Knowing about the Google Ads (Google Adwords)structure, functioning and the positioning of of various buttons in the free tool of Google.
That's not all Adwords being the most prominent feature of Google itself, that makes 95 percentage of revenue for Google is studied in depth in digital marketing training classes in Indore. We learn about various networks data in Google Ads (Google Adwords)termed as search network display network, shopping network, video network, Universal app campaign network.

 Let's talk about search network.

 In search network we study about various concepts used in the the network, like bidding strategies, how to make the best bidding strategy on an ad, of our website?,  PPC strategy or we could say Cost Per Click or Pay Per Click and Cost Per Mile, the difference between the two and how a user is charged on both the options.  In digital marketing training classes in Indore we also learn automated and Manual bidding options, enchanced cost per click or ecpc the terminology used by Google when it increases cost and decreases the cost to rank your advertisement to give the most optimal position to our ad. The index detailing and application of various keyword match types: broad match, broad match modifier, exact match and negative keywords. We learn about keyword targeting and what is the best way to target audiences or customer and the best headline to use when giving a search advertisement. 

 Now everything is done, in our search campaign congratulations on creation of our first ad campaign now to measure the performance of our advertisement, we  will export the keyword performance reports of our advertisement whether we are working for Client or we are working for ourself to see the performance and the mistakes we have made in it. It would no doubt play an eminent role in saving us on cost and telling about the various factors involved are our users search term.

 It's time for Display Advertisement.

 In display advertisement we get to know the use of display advertisement over search advertisement, marketing objectives of display advertisements, ad formats that are used in display advertisements and tools while creating display advertisements.  A display advertisement is in the form of picture that is capable of attracting users and making him either to get aware of the brand or to make a purchase from it, in display advertisement photos headlines and description plays an important role while creating an ad. 

 Although it is display advertisement but wern't gonna run ads without keeping proper track on the procedure and tracking our ad over the internet, the advance feature that someone loves in the digital marketing training classes in Indore is audience targeting and the placement of the Ads.

Lets imagine One fine day we came up to Amazon while searching for a product.

Let's say the product be shoes. We searched the query on Google "buy nike neon running shoes" we clicked on the result and came up to Amazon but we didn't buy that nike shoes because we didn't have enough money to buy that shoes that time, we closed amazon that time. Now we would see amazon up repeatedly with it's ad when we open OLX or any other websites in the form of display ads on our laptop or mobile display again and again and again and again and again again would we buy it?

That's basically called the Re-Marketing, to market our product into the mind of user that came, but never bought the product, this remarketing technique is used to make the user aware about the product and create an urgency in the mind of user or not to let them forget about the product and go sideways past the product.

This remarketing terminology is an effective means to create more conversions for the target audiences along with creation of re-marketing advertisement someone who is curious in the field of digital marketing and wants to know how the thing works, also to make dynamic display ads and how does it look in different platforms and at different sizes.

Let's understand about shopping network

 Shopping network advertisement of shopping network ads is a feature that is available in Google Ads (Google Adwords)ads for E-commerce website to sell a product or showcase a product on Google search engines. Digital marketing institute Indore trains about shopping network advertisements. The definition of shopping ads as well as  product listing ads where we showcase products from E-commerce website in Google search results. 

 Difference between Shopping Network, Search Ads and Display Network is something we understand at digital marketing training institute in Indore.
What is the basic use of a shopping ad ?, How we make shopping ads ? and What is it that attracts a user or customer towards us?
To make shopping ads what we need is the products the feed, of the products that we have in our E-commerce website, whole list of these products along with its value is termed as product feed, this product feed is uploaded to Google Merchant Centre which is again a free tool of Google to run shopping network advertisement.  How shopping ads are different from various other campaigns? and its product segmentation and monitoring advertisement that will be seen on shopping networks.
All these things from advanced monitoring to advanced tracking of PLA ads to create a new Shopping ads, choice of keywords of course where you want your shopping ad all these things alone in shopping network advertisement practically from your eCommerce website in the leading digital marketing institute in Indore

Now take into consideration the Video Network .

What is Video Network?
Video network is basically the video advertisements that we give in different video  video sharing or video streaming websites. When we talk about video network in this case we are discussing about YouTube advertisements of YouTube network.

Do you use YouTube?
Do you see the advertisement  on YouTube at different portions  in the youtube video channel you watch regularly?

What are these ads?

How do we make them?

How do we show them?

These advertisements are mainly termed as video advertisements or video ads. and How do we make them?

We make them via Google AdWords.

At leading digital marketing training in Indore we learn to create our own video advertisements and are told about its various placements and various categories.

There are mainly 3 Types of Video Advertisements that we can run via Google Ads (Google Adwords)in YouTube  :

Instream ads, Bumper ads and Video Discovery ads.

The main difference between these three that needs to be understand and clears all our doubts about video advertisements.

As the name suggest Instream ads runs between the streaming of the video that comes before the video or may come in between the video and we skip them in 5 seconds.

Another type of ad format is bumper ads which we cannot skip and Discovery ads are the ads which comes when we  search in YouTube our favourite video, which we want, it comes on the top of the result we might have seen a video in the form of ad. Those videos or should I say those ads can be termed as video Discovery ads as they discovered you from somewhere through a Keyword that you typed while searching for something.

The videos are the future of engagements, about 86% get connected with the video more than reading an article. YouTube video watch time on an average is more than 48 hours per month if we calculate the population of the world to the power to the average time one person spends on YouTube. YouTube recently announced that it got 1.1 million visitors all over the world in a single day.

Do you realize the importance of videos now ?

One of the core modules best digital marketing training in Indore that focuses on users engagement and the branding of your brand via video network advertisements.

One more feature of Google Ads (Google Adwords)is universal ad campaign .
What is universal App Campaign ? AdWords for application. How would we run advertisement of the app developed by us or a client's project or we just want to give the advertisement of an application developed by a client and more about app campaign Optimisation and building of the same .
Universal App campaign is an important feature while promoting the application of our business or our clients business because app installation in everyone's mobile device is increasing rapidly day by day and as more and more people set to spend their time in apps rather than going to a website.