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Online Reputation Management

Control whats not in your control. 

ORM or Online reputation management is our online presence or our reputation at different business listing websites. Listings for example Just Dial, Google mapsand various other citation websites.
What's the need of online reputation management ? and How it will gonna attract your targeted customers or your targeted users towards us and what is the main thing that attracts anyone towards our business?

Online reputation management is very essential to build up our brand and expand the business towards our potential customers.

There are several tools that shows our citations around the internet, if our NAP(Name, Address and Phone number) is same everywhere or it needs to get some updations. To understand the affect of citation of your business listing's affect on your online reputation is what we learn in digital marketing classes in Indore, we learn to use those tools to check up our reputation around the internet.
Online reputation management is mainly the game of Reviews and Ratings by our old customers those who have already used those services, it acts as a decision maker for our new potential customers. If we receive a bad review or rating, our potential customer might think again before approaching us which might degrade our business and our reputation over the web.
Hence online reputation management is very essential for each and every individual to understand and manage well, online reputation can also be created via social media presence, what we as a brand is doing in social media and also to get lot of traffic and lots and lots of potential customers, if we are not much active in social media about 70% the population might not be able to attracted by us.
There are separate Jobs available solely for the purpose of online reputation building be it for politicians, celebrities or of a business. Online reputation management got a huge scope in future and gets you will ahead in the field of digital marketing