Keyword Planning

Ever Wondered what is that, that makes site Relevant ? 

Keyword if seen from a user's perspective is a query written down by user on the search engine he want results from. Keyword planning is not something that we can do on our self its done thought a process, we plan keywords properly by various tools like Google's keyword planner, Neil Patel's Uber suggest and various other keyword planning tools.   

Although it mainly concerns about that Google Analytics but we do not ignore the second most important tool by Google ie Google Webmaster or Search Console through which we can check the various errors in our website, if it's been hacked, if pages are indexed properly or crawled by the Google, how a website is performing in mobile devices and the keyword positioning of a website in the major search engine, Google.
These keyword by keyword planning tools show us the most frequently used keywords in an area , these data help us in Planning and the overall format and structure of the keywords that we can use in our website to get it ranked locally or globally.
There are many type of keywords like long tail keywords, local keywords etc.

Are you aware of LSI keywords?

 These keywords works on synonyms and close variations.

The use of keywords that are being planned well in a website is very essential for getting top ranked on major search engines.
Learning the various tricks of google rank hack by proper use of keywords by the leading digital marketing institute in Indore that have established its brand well in the market would be recommended the most.

If you're talking about keyword planning, we cannot neglect the fact that keyword match type is also essentially important when we plan those keywords. Keyword planners are used for both on-page and off-page processess also while running advertisement or we could say search network advertisement keyword planning plays an eminent role as well to decide our targeted keyword, or when we run ads, in which keyword we are being charged, if someone clicks on our ad. 

Keyword match type comprises of 5 major types :

BM or Broad match, BMM or Broad match modifier, EM or Exact match, PM or Phase match and NK Negative keywords.

Utilising those keyword match types to the best, one needs to learn keyword planning, that's why keyword planning is one of the core module in digital marketing training courses in Indore.