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Web Analytics and Goal Tracking

Track your Net-worth from your traffic

Understanding the use of web analytics and how to install it’s script in your website is the first step what we do in order to track our website visitor and their action on the website, The page our user have come from, the page our user have exited from, time spent by each and every user in the website and various other dimensions that shows us each and every thing about our user, it might include their location, gender, interests etc.

A Digital Marketer with a good hold on Web analytics is much capable of Analyzing data to the deepest possible extend to create a market for them self. Dozens of job opportunities are available for Data visualizing and analyzing work with high pay scale. 

Those doing their digital marketing course from the leading digital marketing training centre in indore get hands on training in Google Analytics, plus we also get into advance tracking in analytics and learn about setting up the goals, tracking up the events, utilizing heat maps to every possible extend and much more.
Digital marketing Institute Indore makes us fully aware of the importance of web analytics and Goal tracking and to report the same to our clients so to help them from future perspective, if we submit those reports to your client what is that we would be working for or to see the reports of your own website.
Goal tracking includes our final accomplishment by a user when they come to our website, the final step they take, the step we would consider as our conversion.
Goal tracking is one of those prominent feature which is used in Mega E-Commerce websites out there in the market, paying a good huge amount of packages to the one who got good hands in analysing the data of the website.