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Working as a freelancer. Sound intresting doesn't it?

Freelancers does not need to work on a regular basis or on a fixed time they works on the time they prefers the most, they work according to themself.
Freelancing is something that everyone and anyone can get attracted to, because freelancing work does not give you any boundations unlike office work. As much as it sounds interesting understanding freelancing is very important for everyone if they are looking forward to build a career as a freelancer.
The main question is what do we do as a freelancer ?
A freelancer usually takes up the projects from a company or an individual and works accordingly we need to complete the work within the fixed time interval, it doesn't matter how many hours a day or hours a week we works we work, what matters is the quality of work and the completion of the same within the deadlines.
More and more people these days are diverting towards freelancing work, then going off for office and working there, as everyone got their own unique productive hours in which we know we can perform at our peak and they can give our best.
Different freelancing jobs could include online teaching, blogging, singing, designing, content writing and etc.
Although freelancing work seems easy but is not, we need to get trained in a particular field before starting our freelancing work and building a repo in the online world, so that we could generate some freelancing project by ourself.
The skills what we would be requiring for freelancing work could include any field in a digital marketing and Whats best from the institute that got the world class digital marketing course module to teach you from ?