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Email marketing

Creativity with pinch of Personalization, gets lot of Conversions.

What we learn in Email Marketing module at Digital Marketing Institute Indore is the proper use of Email Marketing Softwares .  We also learn the best methods to write an Email Subject Line to increase the email open rate by 620%.

How to Write an effective Email content?

How to Track those Emails?

and Why Email Automation is required?

Email marketing was invented back in 1998 and was mainly used to focus or to target those people who used Emails more frequently than social media channels. Those target groups included business owners employees or in other words working class people. The main use of email marketing tool is that it allows us to send personalized content to every contact in your email list.

It has been observed that this type of connection creates 86 percentage of personal touch to the users who may feel connected with the product or services we are sell them via Email Marketing. 

When we learn digital marketing from the best digital marketing Institute Indore we also learn to analyse those data which we have gathered by sending emails to everyone in their email marketing list. These data tells us about the timing when when our customer Is most active to open their emails. Getting trained from digital marketing Institute Indore also teaches us about the email marketing automation, termed as directly sending a mail to our customers or our users that have come to our website and have filled out the form, automation allows us to automate those procedure after filling that form is in our website our user will directly receive a mail in their respective Email Ids with the most important part of "personalization" in that. Email Marketing although not used by majorities in India but it got high scope in Western, European countries as people in those countries can not live without their emails.
Thus Email Marketing is an essential step towards converting your leads or to make our customer an offer they cannot ignore. 

Receiving an email in promotional tab decreases our email open rate by 40%.

  Hence sending your email directly to the inbox that the user would be receiving in their mails is very important and to do so we need to get trained, get train in email marketing campaigns and it should not be neglected that someone who got good hands in email marketing may get a dedicated job for the same handing Western European countries