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E-Commerce Marketing

The future of selling and establishing the connections

When we talk about E-Commerce marketing we are talking about electronic marketing where buying and selling of goods and services takes place. Various E-Commerce platform examples include amazon, Lime road, Jabong etc.
Understanding the various concepts that are related with E-Commerce marketing is very essential for a digital marketer to excel in his or her life, if they are looking forward to build a career in digital marketing field. The in-depth analysis to make the full use of e-commerce platform it is very essential to understand the various terminologies that we use in e-commerce platform or in the internet marketing world.
The E-Commerce website or platform is no doubt different from a normal platform or a normal website platform be at a service website or a blog. The various means that we use in the process of promotion of products in e-com website needs to be understand and that understanding only takes place when we are trained with hands on training from the leading digital marketing training Indore.
The various types of e-commerce that are mainly taken into consideration are first B2B, second B2C, third C2C, fourth B2G and M-com
If we type in the query "buy shoes online" in Google. Do we see those ads up to our search results that are in the form of photos with the price tag written beneath it,
That redirects you directly to the website that are selling that particular product ?
These advertisements what we see over in Google after we type type what we want to buy, in this case shoes. These ads in the form of photos are called product listing ads, in which eCommerce website list their products over in as so we as a user who wants to buy a particular product may click on the same and redirect to their website to buy that particular product. These ads are not normal, as this as a specifically meant for E-Commerce platform and can only be made after you upload your product feed in Google Merchant Centre.
All these things and various other things like doing the SEO of an E-commerce website which sounds tough though because, E-commerce website consist of too many number of pages. Number of pages in an E-commerce website is equivalent to the number of products that particular ecom website is having and doing the SEO of so many pages is next to impossible if done manually one by one
So how we do that? That is what a student learns or get trained in while he makes a move towards having a better future learning digital marketing from the leading digital marketing Training Centre Indore.