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Digital Marketing Fundamentals

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Digital marketing fundamentals it's all about foundation in digital marketing where we learn about the basic definition of digital marketing.
We also learn the need of digital marketing in this new era where every thing is dependent on digital marketing and its promotion via online internet platform. The need of digital marketing is very important nowadays as 80% of the population in India uses internet and 82% are in social media. Now the main point here arises is the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing there was time when people were involved in traditional marketing few years back and no one knew about digital marketing and no one wanted to invest much in traditional marketing .
Because of the change in ERA by the Jio effect, many people got one year of free internet access last year which exponentially increased the uses of Internet in India and then India came up to the second place of the world's highest usage of internet . Because of this thing and coming at the second place of internet usage, there was sudden increase in the number of people having Internet connection at their homes, houses and offices and it also increased their social media account usage. Nowadays digital marketing is used and preferred much more than traditional marketing because traditional marketing is not much cost effective and it is very difficult to track the conversions or track the people who have seen those advertisements.
Traditional marketing included hoading commercials, newspaper commercials, television commercials, and etc. It had high costing and is not trackable but digital marketing and social media promotion can determine your ROI. It would be basically your promotion in various online mediums like Google search engine, Facebook or other social media YouTube or other video media sharing sites etc, all your ads there can be easily tracked, thanks to them for having an insights for the same.
We also study about the various tools required in digital marketing in the best digital marketing institute in Indore. Tools required in digital marketing and media channels Google AdWords, Google Webmaster, Facebook Ad-manager, Mailchimp etc. Digital Marketing Fundamentals covers all these concepts or we could say all these topics in it, plus we also study cases of different big brands and how digital marketing promotion helped them grab vast audience customer base. History and about case studies of Uber and various other Big start-up ventures from the best digital marketing institute in Indore.