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Content writing

How would you rule over the internet ?

What is Content writing? What are its uses? and Why do we write contents and What are its uses in SEO perspective ?

Content writing is something that we write in order to make our users or our readers aware of something. It's very essential to define one's particular niche in content writing. If we are writing a content and that contain is not a quality content, no user would be reading our content, it should be written keeping in mind the users persona and what a user would like to read and at the same time making them aware of your products or services. 

Content writing also comes up with lots of CTAs that makes our reader or our user to take actions on it. The proper use of tags that is heading tags H1 H2 H3 etc till H6 is very essential and helps us in rankings.

How to write attractive titles and description for your content and making it useful for the users who is looking forward for the answers of their query that has they typed in Google? Our content should provide that user answers of the typed in Query.

If that user is not satisfied by the quality of our content and after reading our content the user reamained dissatisied, the content is most likely to be not optimised and user friendly and is not written to keep in mind the user's Persona or the user's behaviour.

Content writing terminologies and the best methods to write a content is very essential to be learnt if you are in the field of digital marketing that concepts can be taught by digital marketing Institute Indore