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Competitor Research

Being Obsessed, Being a step ahead.  

Data tracking and evaluating the different strategies of our competitors, to know their weaknesses and their level of performance in order to be well aware off what our competitor is up to is termed as competitor research

Online reputation management is very essential to build up our brand and expand the business towards our potential customers.

Competitive research is very essential to understand because a competitor is capable of attracting all our potential customers.
How do we determine our competitor and what is the best practice for competitive research analysis?
Competitors could be of two types Direct competitors and Indirect competitors and defining the niche of our competitors to take actions accordingly is what competitor research is all about.
Determining the key strengths, weakness and the next move of our competitor is what would be helping us in expanding our business and aiming for being the best.
Identification of our competitors those provide service convenience inventory etc plays an essential role, that we learn in digital marketing training classes Indore. Not only that but strategies of our competitor in seo, their social media activities and how to outreach them.
 Those who get trained from digital marketing Institute Indore gets prepared with hands on tools that helps in competitive analysis