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The first blog was created by college student in late 1994 but at that time the word blog was not termed, that student called that thing as his own personal home page later in 1997 the term weblog was coined.

What is Blogging basically?

The definition of blogging is very vast we need to understand it pretty well that blogging is done on our own website and it is done for the purpose of making people aware of our particular product, services or it could be a personal blog it could be a travel blog, our life blog, it could be a story or poem or anything or anything we could think of.  

 A blog goes by a particular niche.

 How do you define that particular niche ?

How do you do SEO of your blog ?

The main objective of blogging and how do you make money like a pro with your blog?

People are making money and they are making damn good money only blogging and following a particular niche in their blogging  website and getting it AdSense approved from which they are earning a lot of money

 There are people who are earning a lot, their income is fully based on blogging itself, people like Neil Patel, Robin Sharma etc are some great examples of people that follow a particular niche. Food bloggers, Travel bloggers etc, their wholesome income is generated from blogging.

Blogging is something that allows you to earn while you enjoy

 What does a Traveller want?

A Traveller was to travel the world.

What if we are good in writing as well?

Traveller those travel the world and share their experiences in writings in their blog, about their travelling experiences, different places they have visited and their different experiences both good and bad they have gone through, overall every experience they have gathered from visiting all those places around the world and writing about the same,  their readers or those people who would like to travel in future in their life, got every chance to get to their blog to learn about different places, to read about the places they might consider visiting in future along with their family or alone they would be reading about those blogged up experiences, they would be reading about the best places around the world, they would be spending some time on the blog and if that's the case it is highly possible that the reader is sure to click on the advertisement that they see on that blog.

Those advertisements that got clicked, could be an affiliate link or could be an advertisement thats being run by Google because that blog was AdSense approved thanks to the continous flow of traffic  and following a particular niche. 

These things along with various other things get us to earn money like a pro and level our life with a king and do what a free peson does, it's not something that we are born with it, something that we learn, that we gain and that gaining and learning of our life can only be achieved by getting trained from the most experienced digital marketer in Indore with over 10 years of Experience