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App Store Optimisation 

First preference by Android, Apple, Windows or Linux   

By now we are all aware of the term SEO ie Search Engine Optimisation in which we optimise our website to get rank in various search engines one of those being Google itself. Unlike SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, App Store Optimisation is targeted basically on Play Store of Android, App Store of Apple , Store of Windows or any other application store where we can download the application for our mobile or laptop. 
App Store Optimisation is a procedure of getting our mobile application or  Laptop application ranked in the application store with proper description, screenshots, ratings and reviews. The importance of App Store Optimisation is very essential to be understood by any digital marketer or any person who is looking forward to develop his or her own app or an app for their business 

Lets suppose we are running a small business and we want to launch an android app that is mainly targeted to our users. We launched and uploaded that app but its nowhere to be seen on Google Play Store. Will anyone download it?

The answer would be simple No.  

What we learn at top digital marketing training classes in Indore is the importance of App Store Optimisation how App Store Optimisation is done and the keyword research procedures of App Store Optimisation along with the various steps involved in it.

App Store Optimisation is somewhat different from Search Engine Optimisation the main difference between website SEO and App Store SEO is what needs to be understood. The character limit in the title and description of an app needs to be take care of well because that title and description that we will be going to write in our App before submitting it to any Application store we need to understand the character limits of titles and the description that would be writing in our application with the proper use of keywords in it.

 How does ratings and good quality screenshot plays an important role in increasing the downloads of your application and increasing its reach?

Anyone looking forward to establish a market or expand their market through app could give them exponential positive profits as 68% mobile users around the world searches their app store first if they are looking for something rather than going or visiting a website, as app is easily accessible and is there in our phone for anytime reach, plus what we need to understand is that if a business is going for an app, they can easily notify that user of the ongoing sales or the ongoing promotions in form of notifications, what a business is planning for future, they can easily notify their customers and other users which cannot be done via website.

Hence understanding App Store Optimisation is an essential step in digital marketing. From the best digital marketing training classes Institute Indore it is guaranteed to absorb those App Optimisation knowledge and implement the same to get Huge profitable ROIs.