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Do you Get paid by the Tech Giant, Google ?

A small HTML code that we place in our website to get ads from external sources or from various ad network sources that runs into our website for which we get paid on every click our website visitor makes on advertisement that is shown in our website.

AdSense, a tool by Google that helps us to earn and is an effective mean of passive income. What we learn at the best digital marketing training institute in Indore is to setup our AdSense account and get it approved. Not all accounts get approved for AdSense we need to be aware of the terms and conditions of AdSense and the guidelines and requirements of the same

 If got approved we could earn in Millions, one of those things which internet millionaires are doing nowadays is getting some traffic into your website applying up for an AdSense from getting it approved to earn from it.
Defining the proper AdSense Niche and researching on the same would be the first and the most essential step before getting our website AdSense approved. Once we get our website AdSense approved it is very essential to follow proper content and traffic strategy in our website to get good amount of traffic to avoid discontinuation of AdSense and viola!! we keep on making passive income for the rest of our life.
Knowing about the different terminologies and procedures that we need to follow while setting up an account for AdSense is what we get trained in digital marketing Training Institute Indore and to take right steps in order to get approved from Google and start our passive income